Which merchants does CouponDropDown actually work on?

We're not lying when we say CouponDropDown works for thousands of merchants, you'll know when you're on a site we have coupons for when you see the CouponDropDown blue tag in the top right corner of the page.

How do I know CouponDropDown is installed?

When you go to a merchant and see the blue coupon tag in the right top corner, then you know CouponDropDown is working. If the tag does not show up that could be because of your settings or because we don't have any coupons for that site. To verify CouponDropDown is installed look at your browser's Add-On / Extension manager and make sure CouponDropDown is listed.

How do I exclude CouponDropDown from certain sites?

Sometimes you may want to go to a site without seeing the CouponDropDown, but don't want to disable it completely. To do this, go to that site, allow CouponDropDown to load, and rollover the tag to show the drop down. At the bottom of the drop down is a "Settings" button, click on this to manage CouponDropDown's visible on your current site.

How do I disable CouponDropDown?

Follow the Instructions on our uninstall page to disable or remove CouponDropDown.

CouponDropDown is an ad supported product and will show you advertisements as you browse the web.

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